F&P Episode: 91 – The Science of Chemical Abortions

This week, Chris is joined by Dr. Glenn Ridder a family practice doctor, medical director at the Alpha Center, state director of the Catholic Medical Association, and a permanent deacon for the diocese of Sioux Falls. Dr. Ridder explains how chemical abortions function in depriving a child of it’s needed environment in the uterus, resulting in death, followed by a second drug that causes intense labor that expells the deceased baby from the womb. He also explains the science behind abortion “discontinuance” laws and medical protocols, and shares the hearwarming story of a young boy who was recently saved with these methods. Lastly, they unpack the FDA’s recent loosening of safety protocols surrounding abortion drugs, and South Dakota’s legal efforts to place these protections for women in state law.

F&P Episode: 89 – Family policy is what our nation needs

On this episode, Chris is joined by Dr. Scott Yenor, professor of political science at Boise State University, where he teaches political philosophy. He is the author of The Recovery of Family Life: Exposing the Limits of Modern Ideologies, published in 2020. Chris and Scott discuss modern ideological trends that cut against the formation of family life, as Scott argues that a renewed public consensus supporting marriage is urgently needed today.