On this episode, Chris is joined by Grace Melton, author of a recent article titled How Surrogacy Harms Women and Children, published at the National Interest.  After Chris recaps the recent history of surrogacy in South Dakota politics, Grace makes the case for why the political and cultural discourse on surrogacy is sadly one-sided and introduces key factors that need to be in the conversation, such as the medical risks to women and children and the gravely troubling legal shift that occurs when society permits the commodification of human beings.  Grace also discusses the primal wound experienced by some children of surrogacy, explains why surrogacy is distinctly different from adoption, and discusses trafficking often associated with surrogacy.  The conversation ran out of time, but Grace’s article offers several closing thoughts to remember when we’re discussing this topic:  (1) As painful as infertility can be, the desires of adults may never supersede the rights of children; (2) listening to the women and children who have suffered deeply because of surrogacy is critically important; and (3) increasing regulation does not resolve the fundamental ethical issues surrounding the commodification of women and children.  South Dakotans, it’s important to share your views with your legislators and know where they stand on this topic.