Host Chris Motz is joined this week by Dr. Chad Pecknold, professor of theology at Catholic University of America (and prolific tweeter — @ccpecknold). Chris tosses a listener question to the good professor: What, according to the Church, is the purpose of government? What’s it’s aim, its end, its goal? Also, what are the limits of its action? Or, asking an obvious question that comes from from Matthew 22 and Mark 12 (“Render unto Caeasar…”), what belongs to “Caesar” and what belongs to God? (Spoiler for the latter: everything, including the former.) Chris and Professor Pecknold dig into some contemporary issues, e.g., gender ideology, as they unpack how “the state” can fulfill its essential nature and purpose.

A few links to resources that come up in the conversation:

Christianity and Politics, authored by Prof. Pecknold

Caritas in Veritate, a social encyclical touching heavily on economics and government, written by Pope Benedict XVI