On this episode, Chris is joined by Fr. Justin Brophy, O.P., professor of political science at Providence College, Rhode Island. In a short diagnosis of our present moment as Americans, Fr. Brophy points to (among other points not discussed) a tension between Lockean individualism and a Puritan ethic, and a decline in our traditional institutions and trust in authority. A Christian response includes Fr. Brophy argues, is a focus on friendship (among other things), in which we deeply and truly care about the good of the other. In a post-Christendom age the extension of friendship entails risk, as it necessarily requires we be vulnerable and exposed to rejection. Such failure, though, ought not dissuade us from the endeavor — as Christians, we can receive great joy from the constant nearness of Jesus, who never fails! Follow Fr. Brophy’s work at www.cjbrophy.com