The South Dakota Catholic Conference supports passage of SB 75, which modifies existing laws related to parental support for a child born out of wedlock. SB 75 provides that both the father and mother are jointly responsible for paying the expenses related to pregnancy or prenatal care for the child, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery, including any medical complications that may occur. SB 75 provides under the child support laws that a parent may be compelled to pay these expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth.

South Dakota reporting laws on abortion include data on why women have chosen to have abortions. In 2021, before the Dobbs decision was handed down, 192 abortions occurred in South Dakota. 46 percent of women receiving abortions reported that they chose abortion because they could not afford the child. While there are multiple reasons that women seek abortions, economic factors are clearly significant. SB 75 is an incremental step to ensure that women experiencing pregnancy out of wedlock will receive the financial support they need to cover costs that arise from pregnancy and childbirth.

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