Amendment G would impose an extreme abortion law

In the November 5, 2024 general election, voters will be asked to decide Amendment G. It would place in the South Dakota state constitution a right to have an abortion for any reason, even late in pregnancy when a preborn child is capable of feeling pain and living outside the womb. Amendment G also endangers women’s lives by eliminating health and safety regulations for most abortions.
The South Dakota Catholic Conference urges a NO vote on Amendment G. Learn more about this dangerous and deceptive measure with the resources below.


  • Joint Statement of the Spiritual Leaders of the Roman Catholic Dioceses of South Dakota on Certification of Abortion Amendment: View Document
  • Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of South Dakota on Protecting the Human Dignity of Preborn Children: View Document
  • Statement on Dobbs anniversary (June 24, 2024):  View Document
  • Article from July Bishop’s Bulletin by Bishop Donald DeGrood: View Article
  • EWTN Interview with Bishop Donald DeGrood: Watch video
  • Catholic Views episode with Jon Hansen: View Episode
  • Faith & Politics podcast featuring Jon Hansen, Co-Chair of Life Defense Fund: The Abortion Threat in South Dakota
  • Text of Proposed Abortion Amendment: View Document
  • Life hangs in the balance article by Michael Pauley from The Bishop’s Bulletin: View Article
  • Men, abortion, and the duty to protect life article by Michael Pauley from The Bishop’s Bulletin: View Article
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