That all life is sacred and has dignity, from conception to natural death, is a truth we must never tire of speaking, especially in those circumstances where the lives of the voiceless and vulnerable are at stake.  It is an unspeakable travesty that our country has permitted the legal abortion of over 60 million children in the womb since 1973. We see elsewhere, too, growing threats to the lives of the elderly and disabled, and at many other stages.  Human life is never disposable, something to be thrown away when it causes inconvenience or hardship. The culture of death is supreme dishonor to our Lord, the Creator of life, and is a poison to human society. All life is to be received and treated as a great gift from God, to be deeply cherished and protected, even in the midst of great suffering or hardship.  It is our duty as disciples to be untiring in our work to build up a Culture of Life.