The family, as intended by God, is the faithful union between a man and a woman open to the blessing of children. It  is the foundation stone upon which human society is built and sustained. The marginalization of the core moral values necessary for the flourishing of the family is cause for great concern about the stability of society into the future.  For men and women called to form a family through the vocation of marriage is based on mutual respect and self-sacrifice for the greater good. Mothers and fathers have unique gifts that they each contribute to the formation of their children.  The family is the first school of virtue, the incubator in which we all learn how to receive and appreciate love, and to love others in return. For this reason, our elected and appointed public officials should regard it as a sacred duty to recognize, protect and promote the nature of marriage as God created it to be and the centrality of healthy family life for the good of our state and nation.