On this episode, Chris is joined by Dan Denis, a Catholic father and farmer from the Saskatchewan prairie.  Inspired by the social teaching of the Church, including Laudato Si’, several years ago Dan felt a call to go “back to the land,” as he puts it, and began farming the land on which he was raised.  Dan shares his family’s story of love for God and the created order, and how this love inspired them to adopt certain stewardship practices that might be described as ‘organic’ in their grain, beef, and poultry operation.  (Bonus: Dan recommended a book called The Church and Farming, by Fr. DenisFahey, C.S.Sp., from Loreto Publications.  We didn’t get to a discussion of this book in this episode, but perhaps in a future conversation.  Also, Dan and his wife Sara share their story together in this video, Faith on the Farm.)